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Longing for a different outcome? Want to write a new story?

If you are here, you are probably hoping to find support with the process of healing, fixing, or tending to something that isn’t feeling right. Psychotherapy can help by offering an accepting space to look, non-judgmentally, at whatever feels stuck, painful, or unresolved. Use my support and encouragement to help you approach these challenges in new ways, and find new solutions. My goal is to provide you with safety and acceptance, and ways to access your own innate wisdom and energy. 

I provide individual, relationship, and family psychotherapy and counseling services. Short and long term therapy options are available, depending on your concerns and goals. 


I conduct trainings for psychotherapists looking to educate themselves on the issues of polyamory and open relationships, and queer/trans psychotherapy, to better serve their clients. I have taught most recently at City College of San Francisco, Edgewood Children’s Services, and for the Masters of Counseling students at San Francisco State University. If you or your agency are interested in trainings on these topics, please message me here


I have extensive experience with a wide variety of client issues and concerns, ranging from trauma recovery (trained in Prolonged Exposure Therapy, and MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy), to treatment of depression and anxiety (using both CBT and Interpersonal Therapy). My current specialties include: 

  • Gender Support and Therapy for children, adolescents, and adults, including family support and education. 

  • LGBTQQIA+ support and therapy. 

  • Polyamory, ethical non-monogamy, open relationships, and BDSM sexuality support and exploration. 

  • Couples and relationship psychotherapy utilizing Emotion Focused Therapy and Imago work.

  • Support of psychedelic work through providing Integration Support for those who have had healing and/or difficult experiences with these medicines. 

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